Tetris Park

Tetris Park, Gdansk | ALLCON OSIEDLA | competition design 2009

gross area 74 600 m2

Project of eight residential high-rise buildings, with commercial ground floor, planned in Gdansk at Al. Jana Pawla II. Design assumptions were to create desired mix of apartments, to make building mass fragmented in order to minimize its scale, to provide wide view to public park from apartments, to mutually penetrate newly designed greenery with park trees, to insulate apartments from street noise. Building design concept based on an idea of modular recurrence & variability as well as junction of elements into different configurations. Idea allowed to construct different sets of apartments within fixed building structure. “Variability in recurrence” is visible in functionality, but also i.e. in form of building as well as in detailed cubic solids or individual windows pattern.

I am a co-author of this project.