Nowe Orlowo

Nowe Orlowo, Gdynia | INVEST KOMFORT | competition design 2010

gross area 31 000 m2


Project of residential and commercial complex planned in Gdynia-Orlowo.Low-rise, high-standard, intimate architecture, planned in 3 zones in accordance to master plan. Along Al. Zwyciestwa buildings in office zone create a number of green, commercial semi-yardsopen to public. Pedestrians introduced into complex along linear water feature. Inside complex, along office buildings - created a longitudinal piazza with commercial pavilions, emphasizing intimate atmosphere of public space. Office buildings layout H-shaped, it allow direct sun lightfloor coverage as well as an economical floor usage. Residential zone divided into 2 parts, including 4-floors buildings designed at upper-medium standard as well as 3-floors buildings at highest standard. Limited car accessibility to residential quarter, pedestrians & bikes preferred. Inside quarters located semi-private spaces, landscapedin detail. Architecture presents a rhythm of individually designed façade coverings and light,glass fittings, contrasted by horizontal lines, provides consistent appearance. Buildings createdas sculptured forms, demonstrating their clear presence. Façades finished with genuine and raw materials as copper, galvanised steel and glass.