Common areas, residential bulding complex Nadmorski Dwor

Common areas, residential bulding complex Nadmorski Dwor, Gdańsk | INVEST KOMFORT | project completed 2012

gross area 1 173 m2

Photos below show the common parts (staircases) of the stages of DEF and JK of residential building complex Nadmorski Dwor - straight flight stairs and dog-legged stairs. They are made from different materials. The main part of the wall frames are covered with stone cladding of travertine, details as entrance portals to housing are made of veneer, colour natural oak, with elevated fronts with space for the bell and the apartment number. We also have a decorative glass panels Lacobel with digital graphics flower (orchids) on them and individual identification numbers for each floor. Stairs with one-row inserts are finished with material from company Probet Desag; railings are painted, hand-rails are made from natural oak matching veneer at the entrances to the apartments. On the floor we have large tiles and partially fitted carpet (in the corridors leading directly to flats); doormats are recessed into the floor at door as complement. The ceilings are partially suspended, with panels g-k, with recesses for peripheral LED lighting. Slim line lighting was installed.